Signs You’ve Sprained Your Ankle
By Foot and Ankle Physicians, P.A.
October 31, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Did you recently twist or injury your ankle? Find out if it could be a sprain.ankle sprain

A sprained ankle is nothing to ignore. Whether you have been in a car accident, were tackled playing sports or had a bad fall, there are many scenarios in which an ankle injury can occur. It’s difficult to tell whether you have actually sprained your ankle without our Burnsville, MN, podiatrist evaluating your ankle; however, here are some common signs that you could be dealing with a true sprain:

What is a sprain?

Your body is made up of different soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. When the ligaments are overstretched or torn this leads to a sprain. Sprains most often occur in feet, ankles and wrists.

Even though many athletes will experience a sprained ankle at some point this doesn’t mean that the injury isn’t serious or doesn’t require medical attention. Even one untreated or improperly treated ankle sprain can lead to complications such as chronic pain and ankle instability. This is why it’s so important to visit our Burnsville foot doctor if you suspect that you might be suffering from an ankle sprain.

What are the symptoms of a sprained ankle?

Symptoms will range from mild to severe depending on the severity and extent of the injury. If you notice that your ankle is suddenly in pain and has become puffy and swollen then you may have actually sprained it. In mild cases you may notice slight pain, swelling and stiffness. The ankle may also be tender to the touch.

Those with more extensive sprains may find it difficult or even impossible to walk on the affected ankle. The ankle may feel unstable, like it could give out on you while moving around or standing. At the moment of impact or injury, you may have also heard a pop sound at the ankle or it may feel as if the something has torn within the ankle.

It’s important that you don’t ignore your ankle’s symptoms. If you are in pain or if you are having trouble walking on your foot then it’s important that you get the proper care you need. Call Foot and Ankle Physicians in Burnsville, MN, today.